3D you have to see

How to watch 3D if it is your first time,
you want to convince your significant other or maybe you are no spring chicken any more... 
Here is how it worked for us:
Start with a slow paced easy to watch movie like Disney´s A Christmas Carol 3D from 2009. Don´t get fooled by the title, it is a masterpiece, will blow your mind and hook you to 3D.
If you watch with active shutter glasses, you might make a pause after, or watch it in segments of no more than 30 min to avoid feeling dizzy.
If you have passive glasses it still is a good idea not to overdo it the first few times to give your brain a chance to adapt to what you see.
Also get a bit closet to your tv, LG recommends around 6 feet for the best effect. Our 47" is on a little table with rollers and gets moved closer for 3D watching.

If you ever wondered if 3D is worth all the trouble,
you only have to watch:
Disney´s A Christmas Carol 3D from 2009 - for me it is Avatar in animation.
This masterpiece makes nearly everything regarding 3D right and then some.
Despicable Me - just plain fun with good 3D
Toy Story 3 - well done story and 3D
Cars 2 - easy to watch and good 3D
Bolt - very well done and beautiful 3D

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Brain melting bad
3D movies to avoid
Monster house
Cats And Dogs The Revenge Of Kitty Galore
Yogi Bear
Open Season - has it´s moments

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