DIY LG clip on 3D glasses

3D clip on - the next best thing after glasses-free 3D

Since I read about LG clip on 3D glasses I wanted a couple.
Now living on a small Coconut Island with just Media Markt and Saturn around you might think they would have made it here so far but nah - nada.

While the LG glasses are not too uncomfortable to wear in front of normal glasses it is still nothing I enjoy.
So I was hunting for some clip on sun glasses what might not have been fasten with rivetts as usual.
Well today I got lucky at one of our Chinese stores and they were dirt chat for 2.50 Euro a pair.

So in case you want some and can´t find the LG clip on 3D glasses anywhere, her is how you can Do It Yourself.

LG 3D glasses and my new clip on sun glasses
After using my DIY clip ons for a nice 3D movie here is my take on:
If you need prescription glasses to see, this is the next best thing to a glass free 3D experience. You don´t see the clip on while watching 3D, you don´t feel the clip on and when you want a short brake in watching they are flipped up without getting in your hair or getting smudged. The clip on is absolutely a must have!

look for the version with screws (not easy to find)

with a fine screw diver open the LG 3D glasses carefully

it is not necessary to remove the temples, you can just flex the inner part out of the side ridges

align the polarized lenses and make some holes - I did it with a hot pin

screw LG lenses into the clip on frame

2 new 3D clip on and some left overs

seeing how easy it is to remove the inner part I could not help myself to fancy up my LG 3D glasses

and there you have it, your new 3D clip on - looks a bit ugly for my taste

never fear, make your own Matrix style 3D clip on with the help of scissors (not the final version but you get the idea)


  1. Anonymous14.12.12

    Very good. I was in the process of hunting down 3d lenses I can trim down to replace lenses in spring loaded clipons that do not flip up but I think I like your idea better since flip up means no need to handle or store during movie.

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