Home Theater 3D - personal log

I found this in a German forum (Google translation for now)
Activate the convergence menu.
Beamer on.
Press the Menu button and hold down 8 sec
2x briefly press the ESC key
It is now a window appears with information about the projector. Use the arrow keys left or right can be shown more information window.

Again 8sec. Long press the Menu button (window disappears)
2x again briefly press the ESC key.
It now appears a window on the left side of the 6 lines with the words "DIP SW-1" to "DIP SW 6" are.
In this window, use the down arrow button on the "DIP SW 6" and press Enter to go
In the right pane 8 lines with the labels are "Bit 0" to "Bit 7" followed by two fields with "0" and "1" and before the numbers of white or green rectangle (ie activated green)

Now the right side of the window using the "down arrow" key to "Bit 5" go and put this with the help of the "right arrow" key from 0 to 1.
Now press Enter and then exit the menu with ESC 2x.
Now the projector off and then back on

Now finds itself in the main menu under "Advanced", an additional sub-item named "LCD alignment" ...
Here you can either make appropriate adjustments. You can also activate the changes and deactivate or delete on reset.
The LCD settings menu now appears always on the menu, while not following the above procedure again represents the bit 5 to 0.


After reading a lot about the Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z what should have been my next notebook I decided that this computer was absolutely not worth the money with all the drawbacks it had. I found an gorgeous looking Asus A53S with the same 2.2 - 3.2 GHz quadcore and a Nvidia 540 where the switching to the Intel GPU works better then the ATI version Samsung uses. It also has a bright screen, sadly still glossy and a the lid as also the whole top is made of metal.
Asus A53S Core 7 2.2GHz, Nvidia GT 540M, 4 GB, 500 GB, USB 3, 569 Euro
This is literally the coolest modern notebook I ever had. After over an hour gaming with maximum settings the only thing what got hand warm was the area around the vent. This Asus is the opposite to my HP DV6 what has the worst heat dispersion I ever had the misfortune to encounter. For the 569 Euro I payed this Asus A53S is a awesome deal. With this notebook as my new media center watching 3D should be pretty snappy.

Two days ago while shopping for the Asus A53S I saw a 47" LG 47LK950 FullHD 3DTV with 5 3D glasses included for 649 Euro.
When we got the Fuji 3D W3 I compared her pictures on two different 3D TV. One with passive and one with active glasses. My wife agreed with me that our pictures on the passive TV looked better, more life like.
With my Epson EH-TW5900 no where to be seen and no dealer on our little island even heard of it it might take a while to get one.
I put a few 3D pictures and some 3D demos on a stick and after 10 min of viewing we gladly payed the 649 Euro and squeezed the LG 47LK950 upright in the backseat of the Peugeot 306 cabrio and drove it home.

After the first few viewings including the very well working build in 2D to 3D conversion I can tell you that this is an awesome passive 3D glasses TV for that money.

Fixed the wrong link to the Fujifilm 3D W3 blog.

On my last visit to our local super stores I noticed at Worten a Fuji camera with 2 lenses for 199 Euro. The 3D W3 looked kind of nice and the price also.
Doing some research on the net it appeared that the Fujifilm 3D W3 for 199 Euro is quite a bargain and also one of the better dedicated 3D cameras.
Since I passed this year on the Sony HX9V and I am so looking forward to get the Epson EH-TW5900 I thought the W3 would be the perfect match to create my own 3D content.

2011-10-20 The delivery of the  ET-TW5900/6000 seems delayed for Europe.

Looks like Epson is still doing some fine tuning on the Epson 3010
Just found this info at projector central:
"We've been working on the review of the Epson 3010 since it arrived last weekend...
The initial plan as I reported here on Monday was to post the review by the middle of next week. The unit we have been evaluating is a late-state pre-production unit.
Epson has just informed us that a change has been made for the final production units. This change is specifically germane to our review. At the moment it appears we will be able to get a production sample by the end of next week. Since we want to review the 3010 with the final production run updates, we are going to push back our estimated publication date about a week to ten days.
From the email we've received concerning the 3010, we know everyone is extremely anxious to see this review, and getting it done is our top priority. However, since we are now aware that the sample in our possession is not representative of what you will end up buying, we must wait for the new sample."

I was always wondering why Epson uses 2 lumen values. They state white and colored light output - and they always were the same values.
cine4home had just published an article what sheds light on that situation.
It is in German, but if you use a translator you should be able to make some sense out of it, at least when you compare the values they measured.

Now with Google jumping on the 2D bandwagon also in offering free 2D to 3D on youtube there will be no stopping 3D this time.

Why 3D?
It all dated back to 1980 something. My first trip to Disneyland and seeing Captain EO in 3D or more correctly in 4D.

"Captain EO is regarded as one of the first "4-D" films (4-D being the name given to a 3-D film which incorporates in-theater effects, such as lasers, smoke, etc., frame synced to the film narrative)."

Shortly afterward I had my first beamer at home, a monster in a huge wooden case with 3 colored tubes sticking out and a convergence adjusting board out of a spaceship. My pulldown screen was already room hight.
Around 2000 I rediscovered the joy of beamers and the way to have them as a part of the living room just like a TV.
Always a sucker for as big as it gets (picture wise) I made room size white pull drapes to act as a screen and to be easily pulled aside for normal room use during daytime.

day time use
TV time use - to compare size that is a 70cm (28") TV

I cut a hole into the table stand to "hide" the projector

A few years later while being touring the USA I wanted to see how big a picture I could get into a 5th wheel (a trailer you connect to a pickup truck like the big rigs do it). With a NEC VT46 and a round 230cm (90") wide screen I sure had the biggest home entertainment system I ever seen in a trailer. Combined with a dual reclining love-seat (sofa for 2) and 5.1 it was pure bliss.

the screen is

In the last 15 years Disney came up with more and more elaborate 3D attractions with a 4D feeling like It's Tough to be a Bug! where you get poked in the back, shaken and stirred, sprayed in the face and even smell is added for a complete immersed feeling.
Mickey's PhilharMagic was one of the latest new attractions we saw before we left the USA and moved to a tiny island. After seeing PhilharMagic I wanted to have 3D at home.

Now 5 years later with the price of the Epson EH-TW5900 that dream can come true for nearly everyone in full HD and bright enough for a huge screen.


  1. hi!

    thanks for your nice log. for which projector did you enable the convergence menu? for the TW5900 or the TW6000?

    thank you!

  2. Florian that is only part of the more expensive TW9000 /5100 6100