Comparing EH-TW3200 with the EH-TW5900 / 6000

work in progress
What are the main differences between the Epson EH-TW3200 (Home Cinema 8350) and the
EH-TW5900/6000  (Home Cinema 3010)

Here is a good comparison between the 2 projectors.
heimkinoraum.de tells us that the fan is less noisy but the iris more than from the 3200, also that as compatible marked glasses do not function correctly.

The biggest loss is in the lens array. We loose the fabulous 2.1x zoom with the two way lens shift what Epson kept with the EH-TW9000 (Home Cinema 5010 and 6010).

With my setup, I can live with the no lens shift, I just need a mount what can drop down 30cm.
Important is that the 5900, 6000, 3010 has the same short throw ratio as the TW3000 and 8000 series.

At 3.6 meter distance I get the near identical 120" screen with the new 3D projectors as I get with my 3200.

Epson 3D 3010

Epson 3200/8350 
TW5900/TW6000 420x360x136mm 350/270W Eco 24db normal 32db
TW3200/8350       450x360x136mm  261W 22db normal 28db

It seems the TW6000 / 3010 uses a bit more power (looks like 90 Watt more) and the brightness drops a lot in Eco mode (from 2200 to 1000).


  1. Anonymous13.10.11

    Thanks for this information, really useful in helping decide what to buy. Can you please help clarify your final comment! Will the TW5900 always output light at 2200? I’m looking at replacing my old current Panasonic AX200 above my head (hence my worry about the noise level of 24db using 2D films).

    currently,my lens is fully adjustable and at about 260cm away it fills the 77” projector-screen. We mainly watch films in ECO-mode and with cinema settings. So, do the TW5900 and 6000 both have similar amount of light (Lumins)? if both have the same low levels of light then I assume the bulb will be cool and the fan quiet and unlike to change into the louder/normal mode.

    An advice welcome, thanks again

  2. Hi,
    as for picture performance i assume it is as good as, if not better, than the tw3200? thanks :)