comparing with other cheap full HD 3D projectors

Epson 3010 vs Optoma HD33 - A user's perspective

I tell you want I want , what I really really want

D/W=throw ratio
  • a big picture from a short distance (throw ratio around 1.35 = 120" from 3.6 meter - 11' 10")
  • 3D what works with nearly everything, from games to media centers
  • a crisp 1080p
  • >= real 1500 lumen for use in ambient living room light 
  • not much over 1500 Euro $ (glasses not included) 
  • next to no crosstalk / ghosting
  • not too dark in 3D mode
  • M-3DI Standard for the glasses

Compared to the only contender so far the Optoma HD33 DLP
what does not confirm with the new 3D glasses standard but goes for RF instead IR, also contrair to the manufacturer claim of 1800 lumens measures only 1049 lumens in 2D and the 1.2 x zoom lens with a throw ratio of 1.5-1.8  what produces a maximum of 109" at 3.6 meter while with the 1.6 x zoom lens from the Epson TW6000/3010 and the throw ratio from 1.32 to 2.15 I get the goal of 120" at 3.6 meter without resorting to use a mirror as shown in the image below with a Sony VPL-HS10.

So while the Optoma HD33 might be a nice projector, sadly for my criteria it fails already in 3 major points.

with projecting into a good mirror you can gain the extra distance to archive the size you want

In case you are wondering if any mirror will do, the answer is a big NO!
I got a cheap 20 Euro supermarket mirror and it had too much distortions.
An easy way to check is walk in front of the mirror and move slowly from side to side, up and down to check the whole surface. If  at any point you see that the reflection is not perfect, do not use. The better mirrors have mostly an extra angle on the outside like a frame.

cheap 20 Euro supermarket mirror with too much distortions in the surface

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